Defendant sentenced to seven years for battering baby

LEAVENWORTH — A Leavenworth man has been sentenced to more than seven years in prison for battering his infant son.

Robert F. Green, 23, was sentenced Friday in Leavenworth County District Court to 86 months, or seven years and two months, with the Kansas Department of Corrections.

The sentencing came after Green pleaded guilty in October to two counts of aggravated battery.

The crimes occurred in August and September 2018.

Green was charged after his then 3-month-old son was taken to the hospital Sept. 5, 2018.

It was discovered the baby had a skull fracture. Doctors discovered multiple other bone fractures.

It was determined the baby had suffered 24 definite fractures and seven other likely fractures, according to testimony from an Oct. 24, 2018, preliminary hearing.

A grandmother of the victim addressed the judge during Friday’s sentencing. She asked District Judge Michael Gibbens to impose the worst sentence possible.

“I want him to know what he did,” she said.


Sheriff awaits delayed vehicles

NEWTON — Harvey County Sheriff Chad Gay is patiently waiting and is unsure just when his wait will end.

In February, Harvey County approved a bid of $157,675 for five Ford Interceptors — new cruisers for the sheriff’s office. Those vehicles have not yet been delivered.

“Ford switched their model year, and that put them way behind,” Gay said. “We have been hearing we are ‘close’ to getting them, but we have been hearing that for a couple of months so I guess ‘close’ is relative.”

“This is impacting law enforcement agencies nationwide,” said Dan Bronson, assistant county administrator/director of finance for Harvey County.