The Finney County Commission canvassed provisional votes from last week's election Monday, accepting several additional ballots but likely not changing any results.

The commission ultimately accepted 33 provisional votes, the majority of which were due to change of addresses within Finney County. Eight ballots from the wrong precinct were accepted as partial ballots and 13 ballots were denied, most of which were from voters who were not registered or had an address out of county. None of the additional ballots are expected to change election outcomes, County Clerk Dori Munyan told the commission.

"These are about as final as it's going to get. The number of provisional ballots is not going to change any of the results based on my review," Munyan said.

The commission will certify the official election results, including the accepted and partial ballots, at their next meeting on Monday, Nov. 18.

Turnout for the local election in the updated results is roughly 17.9%, still a slight drop from an election of similar scale in 2017. However, Munyan said, the number of early voters was higher this year than in 2017.


An unusual mayoral race in Holcomb

Among the updates in Monday's results was the list of names for the write-in race for Holcomb's mayor, a seat for which no candidates filed this year. The situation is a rare one for the city, said Holcomb City Administrator Robin Lujan.

"I don't remember having no one run for mayor," Lujan said about prior elections.

According to the updated unofficial results, Janelle Robins Gaede earned the most votes with 27, or about 10% of the vote. Current Mayor Brian Rupp came in second with 11 votes and Lora Schneider came in third with seven.

Lujan said once the official election results are released next week, the city will reach out to Gaede about the position. If she accepts, she will be sworn into office on Jan. 8, 2020, the council's first meeting of the new year. If Gaede declines the position, the city council president will become mayor and the council will appoint a resident to fill the new vacancy after considering applications, Lujan said. Nicole Faulconer is the current president of the governing body, though council members will have the chance to elect a new president on Jan. 8, Lujan said.

Updated results are available on the Finney County elections website and the official results will be posted in their place next week.

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