Finney County’s voter turnout Tuesday dipped slightly from the county’s most recent similar election, coming in at approximately 17.8%.

The percentage comes just under the county’s 18.6% voter turnout for 2017, which also chiefly decided local elections versus higher profile state and federal elections. According to unofficial results, roughly 3,534 out of 19,882 registered cast ballots this year, compared to 3,6585 of 19,542 registered voters in 2017.

Last year’s gubernatorial race saw about a 41% turnout for the general election and a 15.8% turnout for the primary election.

The results were higher in several area counties with considerably smaller populations. About 32.9% of Gray County’s 3,015 registered voters showed up to polls, along with 37.7% of Lane County’s 1,098 voters and 37% of Stanton County’s roughly 1,090 voters, according to area county clerks. Wichita County Clerk Lynda Goodrich said in an email that the county’s turnout had hit 37.8%, which she said is great for the rural area.

Not all area counties saw higher turnout rates. With about 235 votes cast, Hamilton County saw a 17.9% turnout.

The Finney County Commission will canvas ballots at 9 a.m. Monday, Nov. 11 at the County Administrative Center.