Centura Health’s new pharmacy on the St. Catherine Hospital campus, located on the main floor near the entrance of Siena Medical, 311 E. Spruce St., opened for business on September 23. Garden City Area Chamber of Commerce ambassadors will join Centura Health associates at 4 p.m. on Thursday for a ribbon cutting to officially mark and celebrate the opening of the new retail pharmacy.

Kristi Cofer, director of the pharmacy, said Centura had been considering the possibility of opening a pharmacy in Siena for some time and initiated the project.

 “Once Centura saw that we had all these physicians – the clinic – here, they saw the need for the pharmacy,” Cofer said. “They supported us, they helped pay for it, and here we are.”

For patients at both Siena and St. Catherine, the primary benefit is the convenience of having a pharmacy on-site where they can fill their prescriptions shortly after leaving appointments at the clinic or being discharged from the hospital.

Siena providers can prescribe medication to a patient at an appointment, send the prescription to the pharmacy in a matter of minutes and by the time the patient walks in the door of the pharmacy, Cofer and her team already have started working on filling the prescription.

“The feedback we’ve gotten from the patients has been very positive,” Cofer said. “They come in here, they pick up their script, they’re pleasantly surprised that we have it and we’re working on it, and within a few minutes we have them out the door.”

The pharmacy also offers over-the-counter medications and other products, accepts most major insurance, and payment can be made by credit card, check or cash. Pharmacy hours currently are 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, although Cofer said eventually those hours will be extended.

Siena and St. Catherine patients aren’t the only beneficiaries as the new retail pharmacy welcomes transfer prescriptions, both from clinic and hospital associates and their family members, and also will serve the community.

 The pharmacy will be able to offer home delivery within Garden City limits, a drive-thru is expected to open soon, and Cofer said the hope is that within the next couple of months the pharmacy will be delivering prescriptions straight to patients’ rooms.

“Eventually for our patients, it’s going to be a huge advantage,” Cofer said about the “meds-to-beds” program. “We will deliver to the room, educate you if needed, and then you can have your meds before you even walk out the door.”

For more information, call the pharmacy at 620.271.3125.