The Garden City man charged with the murder of local restaurant owner Ernie Ortiz is now the defendant in two cases in Finney County District Court: one alleging first-degree murder and one alleging criminal threat.

Marcus William Roady, 31, was arrested Sept. 18 and charged with first-degree murder in connection with the Sept. 12 shooting death of Ortiz outside Ortiz's El Conquistador restaurant. Despite police officers' early beliefs that the death was the result of an attempted robbery, Roady has not yet been charged with additional counts in the case.

Roady's first appearance in district court was delayed several days because of his lack of cooperation with District Judge Ricklin Pierce or the Finney County Attorney's Office regarding the assignment of a defense lawyer, said Kurtis Jacobs, court administrator for the 25th Judicial District. Jacobs said Roady would not provide any needed personal or financial information about himself, both of which are needed for a judge to appoint him a lawyer. At his most recent first appearance on Thursday, Sept. 26, Roady cooperated with court officials and can now move on with the legal process, Jacobs said. Roady is being represented by attorney Cheryl Stewart.

On Tuesday, Roady appeared in Finney County District Court again in connection with another case, which alleges he committed criminal threat on the day of his arrest. A complaint filed Monday claims that he communicated "a threat to commit violence with the intent to place another in fear" or without concern of potentially sparking a lockdown or disruption in daily activities. At the hearing Tuesday, Chief Judge Robert Frederick said Roady made the criminal threat against six different law enforcement officers.

Roady is currently being lodged at the Finney County Jail. He will appear in court before District Judge Michael Quint in regards to both cases at 1:30 p.m. Oct. 15 in courtroom 201, Jacobs said. Stewart will represent Roady in both cases.


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