Fort Larned National Historic Site, Larned, received the Open Outdoor for Kids Transportation Grant (O.O.K.) for field trips this school year.

Area schools using buses to transport students to the fort will receive funds to help offset the cost of fuel. Park staff will provide education programs to students to engage them as the next generation of public lands stewards. The bus money is for all schools, public, private, and parochial, and for any grade. The OOK grant, made possible by the National Park Foundation, helps us give students an unforgettable experience designed to forge lifelong connections to America’s special places like Fort Larned.

The fort’s education staff has developed an interactive program titled, “Wheels of Technology at Fort Larned.” Students will enjoy hands on activities featuring technologies from the past to help them understand how each has developed over the past 150 years. The program promises to be interesting, adventurous, and packed with history and science education.

“The great outdoors makes a great classroom,” Superintendent Betty Boyko said. “There is so much to discover at Fort Larned. Visits on class trips are guaranteed to broaden a student’s learning outside the four walls of a classroom. It’s a great place to explore.”

To set up a field trip, call 620-285-6911.