LEAVENWORTH — The new city planner for Leavenworth says she’s impressed by the diverse culture of the community.

“You have everything,” Jackie Porter said.

She said the city has residents of varying age groups and income levels including people who are serving in the military and veterans.

“I like the community,” said Porter, who is from Oklahoma. “It’s really nice up here.”

Porter said Leavenworth is a great community to work in.

Porter, 27, has been working for the city of Leavenworth since mid-July. She was hired after former city planner Julie Hurley moved into the position of director of planning and community development earlier this year.

As the city planner, Porter said she works on issues related to zoning, historic preservation and the enforcement of development regulations. She also supervises code enforcement operations.

Before coming to Leavenworth, she served as the city planner in Tuttle, Okla.

She is originally from Amber, Okla. She earned bachelor’s and master degrees from the University of Oklahoma.

Porter also officiates basketball games at various levels ranging from middle school to college.

“That’s what I do on the side,” she said.