The City of Garden City has named Carol Davidson as the next Neighborhood & Development Services Director.

Davidson is currently a senior planner with the City of St. George, Utah, and had previously worked for the City of Garden City from 2013 to 2017. She served as the Assistant Director of Neighborhood & Development Services under former Director Kaleb Kentner who resigned in July 2019, to become the Director of Development & Neighborhood Services in Weatherford, Texas.

“Carol’s experience with the City of Garden City during a period where we had a significant amount of residential, commercial and industrial development activity, as well as the additional skills she’s gained in the short time she has been away, have prepared her for this opportunity. This is a similar period with respect to growth and activity, not just for the City of Garden City, but Finney County and the City of Holcomb as well,” City Manager Matt Allen said. “‘Big shoes to fill’ is a phrase we’ve been hearing a lot, and for good reason. But Kaleb would be the first to tell you that his very talented staff over the years has helped fill those shoes and helped take those steps along the way. Carol was certainly one of those people and that experience prepared her for this moment.”

Allen said the assessment and selection process involved several different people. “This position impacts three local governments directly and a wide variety of community stakeholders. Builders, bankers, realtors, advisory board members, and local government staff and elected officials were all invited and represented among the groups that took part in phone interviews and multiple in-person assessment stages.”

The specifics on a start day are still uncertain, but Allen expects the new Director’s start date will likely be in late September.