With the first half of work wrapping up, crews will likely transition to the last phase of the US-50/83/400 bypass improvement project near the end of next week.

Earlier this month, Kansas Department of Transportation crews began working on Phase 1A of the project, shutting down the road from Third Street to the west half of the Hobo Fuel Center on the north end of town. With the phase nearing completion, KDOT staff expect to open the section of the bypass by Tuesday, according to a news release. At that point, the entire bypass except the Mary Street and Kansas Avenue overpasses will be open for two to three days as crews post detour signs for the final phase of the project.

By Thursday, Sept. 5, or shortly after, crews are expected to close the bypass from the south K-156 highway ramps to Fulton Street for the project's last phase, "Phase 2." During the phase, the Schulman Avenue intersection will remain open and the Mary Street and Kansas Avenue overpasses will remain closed, according to the news release.

During Phase 2, detours will run down Campus Drive to Kansas Avenue and Fulton Street.

The bypass improvements project began in March, planning to close the road in three phases. The project will replace the bypass' concrete and asphalt from Third Street to Fulton Street, add turning lanes at the Campus Drive intersection, update lighting at the Fulton Street intersection and place an electronic sign on US-50 east of Campus to inform drivers about road conditions.

The completed bypass is scheduled to reopen near the end of November, with additional work and cleanup continuing through Dec. 20.