The USD 457 Virtual Academy and Garden City Alternate Education Center had a number of students graduate from the schools over the summer.

Students that graduated from the Virtual Academy include: Roman Lazar Davidovic, Cristal Juache, Ashlyn Brook Kellum, Samual Douglas McMillan, Jesus Ramos Anguiano, and Luis Ramon Santana.

The Garden City Alternate Education Center graduates are Joryanna Lane Anson and Haley Elizabeth Banwell.

The Virtual Academy provides individualized learning plans designed to meet the student’s specific educational needs and goals. In addition to standard core classes, there are a number of electives that students can take through the program. The course provides the flexibility for students to work at their own pace at anytime and anywhere they want. This enables them to work while seeking a career path that they are looking to develop.

The Garden City Alternate Education Center serves at-risk students who need an environment where they can be successful in their education rather than being in a traditional school setting.