Lee Richardson Zoo appointed two new animal care managers and a new deputy director this week.

Angela Herman and Pablo Holguin will join the zoo’s senior management team as animal care managers, guiding the daily operations of the Animal Care Division. Curator of Conservation Education Max Lakes will now also serve as deputy director, according to a press release.

The senior management team now consists of Lakes, Herman, Holguin, Zoo Director Kristi Newland and Facilities Manager Jakob Stegman.

Herman is from St. Joseph, Mo., and joined the zoo in 2008 as a zookeeper. She has since filled roles as veterinary assistant, lead keeper and registrar. As animal care manager for health services, permits and records, she will focus on some of the more behind-the-scenes efforts, like veterinary care, commissary, permits and animal records, as well as the care of the birds, ambassador animals and other species.

Holguin, a native of southwest Kansas, started at the zoo in 2005, also as a zookeeper. Focusing on enrichment and training, as well as providing quality care for the animals, he has also filled the role of lead keeper and dart team leader. As animal care manager for enhanced programs and hoofed stock, he will focus on guiding the zoo’s enrichment and operant conditioning programs. He will also oversee the browse program and the care of the hoofed stock that live at the zoo as well as other species.

Together Herman and Holguin will guide the Animal Care Division staff in professional development as well as meeting professional standards of care and operations. This is a slightly new management approach for the zoo, which in the past has had a general curator leading the animal care division.

Lakes came to Lee Richardson Zoo in 2018. In his new role as deputy director, he will continue to guide the Conservation Education and Engagement Division while also assisting with some of the administrative duties of the zoo.

“We have a strong team. They are all very talented and extremely dedicated. Pablo, Angela, and Max will help take Lee Richardson Zoo to its 100th anniversary (2027) and beyond in fine style,” Newland said in a press release.