More than 20 projects aimed at improving Kansas intersections and roads, including several in southwest Kansas, have been selected for funding through the Kansas Department of Transportation’s City Connecting Link Improvement Program (CCLIP), which funds improvements to state highways that extend through cities.

The cities will receive a combined total of approximately $18 million in funding under the CCLIP for these 23 projects. This total includes $7 million in state fiscal year 2021 and $11 million in state fiscal year 2022.

“KDOT was able to add $5 million into the CCLIP because of the additional $50 million that the Governor provided as a one-time transfer from the State General Fund,” said Deputy Secretary Lindsey Douglas. “Communities then provided an additional $6.5 million in matching funds to create a total of $11.5 million beyond the initial plan to expand the amount invested in various projects.”

“This is a popular program with communities and allows them an opportunity to receive funding that improves safety, capacity and operational needs as well as increase economic development in their region,” said Julie Lorenz, Kansas Secretary of Transportation.

Under the CCLIP, a city is required to contribute up to 25% of the project cost based on its population, though some cities contribute significantly more. Cities under 2,500 in population aren’t required to provide a match. Projects in this program may fall into one of three different categories including Surface Preservation (SP), Pavement Restoration (PR) or Geometric Improvement (GI).

SP projects involve maintenance work such as resurfacing and are funded up to $300,000 per project. PR projects typically involve full-depth pavement replacement without changes to the overall geometric characteristics and may also address drainage issues. GI projects address geometric issues such as adding turn lanes, improving intersections or modifying the lane configuration to address capacity. The PR and GI categories are funded up to $1 million per project.

Area projects for fiscal year 2022 include:

Garden City; Pavement Restoration; $1,000,000
Cimarron; Pavement Restoration; $800,000
Dodge City; Geometric Improvement; $1,000,000

Other projects include:

Concordia; Pavement Restoration; $1,000,000; FY 2021
Gardner; Pavement Restoration; $1,000,000; FY 2021
Hays; Pavement Restoration; $1,000,000; FY 2021
Independence; Pavement Restoration; $1,000,000; FY 2021
Norton; Geometric Improvement; $1,000,000; FY 2021
Pratt; Pavement Restoration; $1,000,000; FY 2021
Winfield; Pavement Restoration; $1,000,000; FY 2021
Colby; Surface Preservation; $300,000; FY 2022
Ellsworth; Geometric Improvement; $600,000; FY 2022
Emporia; Geometric Improvement; $600,000; FY 2022
Gardner; Pavement Restoration; $1,000,000; FY 2022
Garnett; Pavement Restoration; $1,000,000; FY 2022
Herington; Surface Preservation; $300,000; FY 2022
Lyons; Surface Preservation; $300,000; FY 2022
McLouth; Pavement Restoration; $500,000; FY 2022
McPherson; Geometric Improvement; $1,000,000; FY 2022
Minneola; Geometric Improvement; $1,000,000; FY 2022
Newton; Surface Preservation; $300,000; FY 2022
Phillipsburg; Pavement Restoration; $1,000,000; FY 2022
Yates Center; Surface Preservation; $300,000; FY 2022