The Finney County commissioners had a full docket during their meeting Monday, including changes to zoning regulations, an audit report and the 2020 Finney County budget workshop.

The commissioners unanimously approved changing the number of fowl allowed on a single property in the county. According to the county code compliance officer, Caitlin Laffery, a county resident, Ruben Peregrino, requested the planning commission amendment. The regulations allowed one fowl per 500 feet of property, not to exceed six fowls per lot.

“This gentleman lives 6 miles south of town,” County Commissioner Dave Jones said. “Because his property is less than 40 acres it falls under this.”

Laffery said in creating a new proposal she looked at Barton County and wanted to propose similar regulations.

“We want to mimic what Barton County has,” she said. “We are proposing that you will be allowed 15 fowl per acre and one rooster per every 15 chickens.”

Finney County Planner Aleecya Charles added that allowing roosters on a property comes with a stipulation.

“If they don’t have any hens present, they can’t have roosters,” Charles said.

Commissioner Lon Pishny pointed out that a subdivision’s covenants will take precedence over the county regulations.

The commissioners also approved the rezoning of four different property parcels.

Theresa Dasenbrock, CPA with Lewis, Hooper, and Dick, informed the commissioners about the county’s audit.

“There are no budget violations noted this past year,” she said. “The commission meetings were reviewed to make sure they were complete.”

She also reviewed the county’s receipts and expenditures during a span of several years.

After the short review of the audit, Dasenbrock facilitated the 2020 Finney County budget workshop. She opened the workshop by comparing tax levies of several counties and cities in southwest Kansas. She then walked the commissioners line by line through the proposed budget.

The commissioners will vote on the proposed budget in August.