One of Lee Richardson Zoo's two maned wolves died last weekend, shortly after veterinary care staff removed a large cancerous growth they had found in his abdominal cavity.

During morning rounds on June 23, staff discovered that Lorenzo, the 10-year-old wolf, had died during the night, according to a news release.

In his final days, staff reported Lorenzo's weight loss and changes in his activity, appetite and attitude, according to the release. In response, veterinarians conducted an examination where they found a "cantaloupe-sized growth" in the wolf's abdominal cavity. The veterinarians successfully removed the growth on June 21, two days before Lorenzo died.

“On Saturday, he was up enjoying a post-operative meal and moving around some so it gave us some hope he would pull through,” zoo director Kristi Newland said in the release.

A necropsy performed Sunday showed signs the cancer may have moved to his lungs, according to the release.

Another maned wolf, Diaz, can be seen in the South American Pampas area at the zoo.