MARIENTHAL — A memorial honoring the late cyclist, John Egbers, will be dedicated at the Heartland Mill on Wednesday, nearly a year after Egbers was hit and killed by a vehicle during a cross-country cycling race.

The ceremony will begin at 9:30 a.m. at the Heartland Mill, 904 Kansas Highway 96 in Marienthal, according to a press release. Members of Egbers’ family and representatives from the Adventure Cycling Association and the Kansas Department of Transportation will all be present.

Egbers was struck by a vehicle on K-96 between Leoti and Scott City on June 14, 2018, while participating in the Trans Am Bike Race. He was one of thousands of cyclists who cross Kansas annually along the TransAmerica Trail near the area, and the second racer in two years to die after being hit by a car on the highway west of Scott City. His death helped catalyze a partnership between Adventure Cycling Association and KDOT to improve safety and increase the public’s awareness of cyclists on Kansas roadways, according to the release.

“Often cyclists are memorialized with a ghost bike, which is a bike painted white and placed at the scene of the crash. The ghost bike’s function is to remind people of the tragic loss of life and to support rights to safe travel. I wanted my father to be represented in his memorial. He was an incredible person, and he deserved something that would capture his essence, his greatness...” said Egbers’ daughter, Sarah Paper, in the release.