Garden City Community College announced Tuesday that former Cloud County Community College associate vice president for planning and assessment Marc Malone will step into the role of its new vice president of instruction on campus.

Malone began working at the college on May 20, filling the second half of the former vice president of instruction and student services, split into two positions last year. In the role, Malone will oversee classroom instruction, workforce development, library and tutoring services, among other areas. Colin Lamb became vice president of student services earlier this year.

So far, he said, the position has been about introductions, listening and learning.

“I’m really thrilled to be here. I think that the college has a really good future in front of it and I’m just excited to be part of the mission ... I’m really lucky these days to just get to go and talk with academic deans, talk with division leaders and faculty and really listen to what they think our path needs to be,” Malone said.

Malone taught English and communications at several institutions in the greater Chicago area before spending eight years as a department chair and associate vice president at Cloud County Community College, according to a news release.

As associate vice president, he played a key role in the development, orchestration, and delivery of institutional practices, including course outcome assessment, academic department review, non-academic department review, assessment communication and training, policy development, faculty training, curriculum design and accreditation, according to the release.

As a department chair, he gained experience with faculty oversight, academic department coordination, and course specific administration, including faculty evaluation, course schedule development, curriculum management, new program and developmental program model execution and budget management, according to the release.

While working at the college, Malone received the Horizon Award for Advisors from the Kansas-Nebraska region of Phi Theta Kappa, a Board of Trustees award for Outstanding Student Service and the Instructor of the Year award in 2013-2014, according to the release. In 2017, he completed the Kansas Community College Leadership Institute, a yearlong emerging leader institute sponsored by the Kansas Association of Community College Trustees.

“That was a really positive and tremendously beneficial leadership training experience,” Malone said of the institute. “That’s a fundamental part of leadership, is inclusivity from the ground up. And so I’m looking forward to learning from the people who are surrounding me.”

Malone earned his bachelor’s in English literature and French from Illinois College, his master’s in English literature from Iowa University and is currently enrolled in a doctorate program for educational leadership with a focus in higher administration at the University of Kansas, according to the release.