The Finney County Health Department warned local residents Thursday that an unknown person is making prank phone calls with the department’s phone number as the caller ID.

The call consists of a recording falsely informing area residents that they have been identified as possibly having a sexually transmitted disease or having contact with someone with an STD, according to a press release. The calls are not from the Finney County Health Department.

If the Health Department is actually attempting to contact you regarding your protected health information or any visits to our facility, it will never send you a recording to relay this type of sensitive health information, according to the release.

Instead, staff will always identify themselves by name in a voicemail and ask you to return their call. They will also ask for a predetermined password or code before talking about any protected health information, like STDs, over the phone.

When screening for STDs, Health Department staff asks patients to provide contact information for anyone they may have had sexual relations within the last two to three months. If the patient is positive, employees will then make phone calls to the identified contacts, urging them to come to the department for screening and/or treatment without revealing the identity of the person that named them as a contact, according to the release.

If you receive any phone call that may seem suspicious, please contact the Health Department office at 620-272-3600 and staff can verify whether they attempted to contact you.

If you believe you need STD screening, walk-in appointments are available at the Health Department between 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday.