Projects in 16 Kansas counties, including Finney and Scott counties, will receive a combined approximately $4.5 million in funding to improve safety on rural roads as part of the Kansas Department of Transportation’s High Risk Rural Roads program.

Projects in this program fall into one of two categories — systemic or site specific. Projects in the systemic category are 100 percent federally funded and aren’t required to provide a match. Site specific projects are 90 percent federally funded, and a county contributes up to 10 percent of the cost.

Finney county is receiving a $362,000 for systemic work to include upgrading signage on all 65 mph, off-system roads in the county. Scott County is receiving $134,000 for systemic work that will include upgrading signage on all major collectors in the southwest quarter of the county.

Counties sent in applications for the program, with projects selected earlier this month. The funds are for federal fiscal year 2021.