A Finney County District Court judge has ruled that a 32-year-old Garden City man charged with second-degree murder in connection with an October 2017 fatal motorcycle crash is competent to stand trial.

Chief District Judge Robert Frederick made the ruling after the completion of a Feb. 5 competency hearing, which came after defendant Bashir Omar, 32, underwent a series of medical and competency evaluations with Compass Behavioral Health over a period of several weeks.

A preliminary hearing has been scheduled for 9 a.m. March 28 for Omar, who is charged with second-degree murder in the death of 67-year-old Robert Becker of Garden City.

Omar has been in the custody of the Finney County Jail since October, after spending time at Larned State Hospital, where he underwent a mental evaluation.

The mental evaluation and issues scheduling translators for Omar, a Somali immigrant who speaks little to no English, have caused numerous delays in the case.

Omar is accused of rear-ending Becker’s motorcycle with his jeep on Oct. 7, 2017, and causing fatal injuries to Becker.

Garden City Police say Omar, who also is charged with reckless driving and driving under the influence, showed signs of impairment the night of the accident. Omar told police he was intoxicated from a combination of alcohol and something similar to betel nuts, a stimulant found in parts of east Africa and Asia, according to an arrest affidavit.

Omar told police that the motorcycle “stopped suddenly” in front of him and that he did not take his foot off the accelerator during the accident. According to the affidavit, Omar told police that the accident was “the will of God.”