The Finney County Commission approved amendments to two county zoning regulations at its meeting Monday, changing rules regarding the transfer of conditional use permits and temporary signage.

Under an amendment to Article 28 in the zoning regulations, a conditional use permit for a certain property can be transferred twice to two separate entities if the transfer is for the same use, according to the amendment. The transfer includes a $200 fee, is granted at the Neighborhood and Development Services’ discretion and is conditional on the new owner not changing more than 10 percent of the building footprint.

The change allows Neighborhood and Development Services to speed up the conditional use program by eliminating the usual four- to six-week waiting period, said Kaleb Kentner, Neighborhood and Development Services director.

The commission also approved an amendment to Article 24 in the regulations in regards to temporary sign permits. The updated regulation removes fees for temporary signs and states that all temporary signage is permitted as long as it is displayed for less than 30 consecutive days, meets the standards of the zoning district and doesnb't block public right of way.

Under the existing regulation, business owners must obtain a permit to post temporary signs and pay twice the permit’s normal fee if they are caught posting without one. Though Neighborhood and Development issues few permits for temporary signs, staff found that most business and property owners are otherwise compliant with county regulations when using them.

Dispelling the permits and asking business and property owners to follow established guidelines is, again, a chance at bureaucratic simplification, Kentner said, and also to be more “business-friendly.” As long as the those who post signs follow county rules, they will not have to pay the office a fee.

In other business:

• The commission approved and Chairman Larry Jones signed a purchase agreement with the City of Garden City for the sale of a tract of county land in the 3000 block of Lareu St., directly south of Verizon Wireless. City officials approved and signed the $22,500 agreement in December.

• The commission approved the purchase of a new tax, finance, human resources and payroll software that will be phased in to different departments over 2019. The new software from CIC PeopleWare will cost $402,969 to install and $81,200 a year beginning in 2020. It replaces the county’s current software, CountyWorks, which the county has outgrown after approximately 30 years of use.


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