This was their third large grass fire they have worked over the past week

At 1:15 p.m. Monday afternoon, Wellington Fire/EMS responded to a reported grass fire at 538 E. 40th Avenue.   En route, dispatch notified responding units that there was a vehicle and a structure on fire.  Automatic Aid from surrounding fire departments was initiated by dispatch.  Mayfield Fire, Fire District 9 (Belle Plaine), Oxford Fire, and Mulvane Fire came to assist.  Upon arrival , units found a shed on fire with two vehicles inside, along with a grass fire of approximately twenty acres.  Fire loss was estimated at $85,000.  
Multiple vehicles on the property were on fire along with many items that had accumulated on the property. The shed and contents were considered a total loss.  Fire suppression was complicated by heavy smoke conditions and difficulty navigating the scene.  There were no injuries during the course of this operation.  

Prevention-This is the third large grass fire Wellington Fire/EMS has responded to in the last week.  A structure, vehicles and large bales were destroyed in the two previous fires which were caused by cutting metal and open burning.  The grass is very dry and tall.  Please use extreme caution when burning outdoors or when working with any open flame outdoors. Keep combustible objects away from vegetation and keep grass mowed around your property and vehicles.