The Western Kansas Community Match Day’s final results are in, with Emmaus House, the Garden City Family YMCA and Finney County United Way coming in as the fundraiser’s top earners.

On Nov. 27, community members donated to nonprofits in Finney, Gray and Wichita counties through the 2018 WKCF Match Day, a fundraiser that encourages local donations and distributes a $50,000 match pool and $2,550 in prize grants to nonprofits endowed at the foundation. The foundation announced the tabulated numbers at its Christmas party Friday night.

Match Day does not double community donations but gives nonprofits a piece of a $50,000 “match pool,” which will be divided among nonprofits’ WKCF endowment funds in proportion to their percentage of the total amount of the day’s donations, the largest portion capped at 50 percent.

The more matchable donations, or donations between $20 and $2,000 per person, per organization, an organization receives, the bigger portion of the pool goes to its endowment fund.

In total, the 2018 Match Day collected $358,654 in community donations for the 28 nonprofits, compared to $111,171 for 15 nonprofits in 2017. Including the match pool and prize grants, the foundation will distribute $411,204.50 to area nonprofits this year.

The fundraiser brought in 712 donors, over 300 of which were new to the foundation, that submitted 1,054 donations.

Emmaus House, the YMCA and United Way received the most community donations at $69,609, $57,269 and $49,335, respectively, but the YMCA, Shepherd of the Plains Foundation in Cimarron and United Way received the most matchable donations, earning them the largest percentages of the $50,000 match pool — 17.93 percent, 13.43 percent and 10.19 percent, respectively.

Emmaus House received the fourth highest percentage of the match pool at 9.86 percent and received the most money in prize grants at $700. The organization's success at the fundraiser was a huge shock to Emmaus House Director Robin Marsh, who said the response from the community was amazing and awesome.

In November, Marsh said the house had enough money in the bank for two months of operations and was at risk of closing. The nonprofit is still having financial struggles, she said, but thanks to Match Day it would not have to close anytime soon. The money earned from the fundraiser alone will keep the house running for at least six months, she said.

Including prize grants, percentage of the match $50,000 match pool and community donations, Emmaus House earned $75,236.80, the YMCA $66,683.19, United Way $54,628.36, Shepherd of the Plains $38,788.35, Wichita County 4-H & Fair $26,520.46, Russell Child Development Center $24,055.58, Finney County Humane Society $17,343.97, Leave a Legacy $16,991.07, WKCF Women of Purpose $13,541.26, St. Catherine's Hospital Benincasa House $9,346.14, Wichita County Economic Development $9,216.11, Wichita County Health Center $8,359.88, Friends of Lee Richardson Zoo $8,089.30, Spirit of the Plains, CASA $6,923.79, High Plains Public Radio $5,508.37, Finney County Historical Society $5,430.23, Garden City Arts $3,555.02, Heartstring to Purse Strings $3,295.35, Finney County Public Library $2,904.35, WKCF Community Betterment $2,874.42, Mosaic $2,602.21, Dr. Meyers Fund $2,206.98, Miles of Smiles $2,114.09, USD 457 Public Schools Foundation $1,792.27, Happy One of Leoti $1,672.09, Wichita County Whole Health Fund $723.49, Finney County Community Health Coalition $432.56 and Leadership Garden City $368.84.


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