Finney County GIS Department Director Trey Phillips, who also manages the City of Garden City's GIS systems, was recently awarded the Esri ArcGIS Desktop Professional Certification, the highest level of professional software certification in the field.

According to a press release, the Esri technical certification recognizes superior skill levels utilizing Esri’s software for geographic information systems. In the United States, there are only 200 GIS professionals registered with this certification. In the diretory of Esri‐certified individuals, Phillips is the only Esri ArcGIS Desktop Professional listed in Kansas, according to the release.

“Trey is a valuable employee with an abundance of skills,” said Randall Partington, Finney County administrator, in the release. “His recent certification solidifies how essential he is to our organization and as a community partner. We are proud of Trey’s professional accomplishments.”

To earn Esri Technical Certification, candidates must successfully pass an examination that assesses their knowledge and skills cultivated throughout their years of GIS experience. Phillips is approaching 13 years of GIS experience at Finney County, according to the release.

“I feel amazing … I started without even (knowing) what GIS was … and this solidifies my hard work and continuing education in the GIS field,” Phillips said in the release. “This certification was a personal goal of mine which I am proud to say I have achieved.”

Phillips said in the release he plans to obtain more GIS certifications in the near future. He currently manages a GIS system utilized by more than 100 users for the city and county offices.