Tuesday, the city commission approved the following actions:

A public hearing regarding the Rural Housing Incentive District for Hamptons Addition Phase Three was set for 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 8. The development, located off of East Mary Street and Jennie Barker Road, will consist of 14 duplexes or 28 units.

A public hearing regarding the RHID for Northborough Second Addition was set for 1:45 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 8. The development, located off North Third Street north of Valley View Cemetery, will consist of 30 lots, 10 of which will be duplexes and 20 of which will be single family homes.

Motor vehicle nuisance resolutions for 318 N. 12th St., 1502 W. Kansas Ave. and 1311 B St. and environmental nuisance resolutions for 2104 N. Third St., 1611 Hattie St. and 1311 B St. were approved

A purchase agreement with Callie and Ryan Drummond for the property at 401 and 403 Kansas Ave. was approved. The Drummonds bought the property for $20,000 and plan to build the drive-thru coffee shop New Grind Coffee on the land.

A transfer of $263,900 from the general fund to the capital improvement reserve for certain 2018 programs, projects and purchases not completed by the end of the year was approved. The expenses were intended to pay for vehicle repairs and new equipment for the Garden City Police Department, sidewalk and parking lot work at Valley View Cemetery and Clint Lightner field respectively, an industrial park at the Garden City Regional Airport and general building repairs, among other projects.