WICHITA (TNS) — Wichita State University President John Bardo is hospitalized with a chronic lung condition and is not expected to return to campus until next semester, university officials said Tuesday.

Bardo, 70, who has been WSU's president since 2012, is in a Wichita hospital "being treated for a flare-up of a chronic lung condition," he said in a note e-mailed to colleagues Sunday. He also posted the message on Twitter and Facebook on Tuesday.

"My doctors tell me that I can expect several weeks of convalescence, meaning I won't be with you for the final weeks of the semester, or for graduation," Bardo said in the note.

"I'm in good spirits and continuing to work with members of the Executive Team on university issues," he wrote. "I'm looking forward to being back on campus and seeing you in the new year."

Lou Heldman, WSU's vice president for strategic communication, confirmed Bardo's condition Tuesday.

Bardo was admitted to the hospital just before Thanksgiving, Heldman said.

"He's been totally capable of talking with us about university issues, and several of us visited with him this weekend and yesterday," Heldman said. "So right now, members of the executive team are all doing what we do, which is run our divisions."

Provost Rick Muma will fill in for Bardo at commencement ceremonies on Dec. 16, he said, and in other meetings or other occasions that the president would normally attend.

"If he has to be away for longer times during the semester, it's pretty normal that Rick Muma, as the provost, will step in," Heldman said.