The Finney County Economic Development Corp. Board of Directors approved it's Holcomb representative and heard updates on several projects at its meeting Tuesday.

The Holcomb City Council appointed council member Ron Schreibvogel as FCEDC representative at its meeting earlier this month, and the FCEDC board unanimously approved him.

FCEDC President and CEO Lona DuVall also provided several updates on projects. The brewhouse coming to downtown Garden City changed its name from Fulton’s Founders Brewery to Flat Mountain Brewhouse, DuVall said, and she expected to receive updates on other projects, including one where an existing company was expanding to a new site, at upcoming out-of-town meetings.

Shannon Dick, FCEDC lead strategic analyst, presented a breakdown of recent infrastructure projects on the east side of Garden City, detailing the amount of federal, state and local money invested into them and the return on investments. He said slightly under $18 million of state and local funding had made the projects possible, and that the private investments into the area made possible by the projects was pushing $400 million, not including the STAR bond.

DuVall said each dollar put into the projects had leveraged about $20 in private investment.