The Gray County Sheriff’s Office determined on Tuesday that rumors of the existence of a list or letter threatening harm to some students at Cimarron Junior-Senior High School were unfounded.

On Sunday, a community member contacted Cimarron Junior-Senior High School Principal Jara Wilson regarding a rumor of the list or letter. Wilson said she did not want to take the situation lightly and notified the sheriff’s office.

Deputies opened an investigation into the concerns Monday morning, interviewed students, faculty members and several parents throughout the day and followed up Tuesday morning, said Gray County Undersheriff Jeff Sharp. The officers found no evidence of any list or letter as described, he said, and those investigated denied the claims.

The officers made no arrests, deemed the situation safe and closed the investigation Tuesday, Sharp said.

Wilson said the school had not yet sent a message to all parents but held an assembly Tuesday afternoon to let students know there was nothing they needed to be concerned about and that they were safe at the school. Other than officer interviews with some students, the investigation did not affect the school’s daily routine Monday and Tuesday, she said.


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