City officials approved a nine-pump gas station at Dillons, 725 E. Fourth Avenue.

The Hutchinson Planning Commission heard about the plan to build the pumps and a small kiosk in the parking lot along the south side of the building during the Oct. 9 meeting. The planning commission did not need to approve the project since it meets the zoning for that area.

“It’s very similar to the one at the Dillons on 30th avenue,” Associate Planner Aaron Barlow said.

Barlow didn’t know if the gas pump would be 24-hours but said that would be allowed. Barlow added that the city did not receive any complaints about the project and the proposed lighting would not be above the allowable .3 foot candles once it reached the property of a nearby residential home.

In an email inquiry, Corporate Affairs Manager Sheila Lowrie wrote that she could not comment on the project until it’s approved and funded by Kroger — the parent company of Dillons.

In April, Kroger sold its convenience stores, including the gas station/convenience store chain Kwik Shop, to a privately held European-based company, EG Group.

The after-tax sale amount was roughly $1.7 billion, according to a press release. Kroger planned to use $1.2 billion to buy back its stock and the remainder to lower the company’s debt.