The Garden City Community College Board of Trustees on Tuesday approved a job description for the upcoming presidential search and outlined the timing and processes ahead.

The board’s presidential search committee, trustees Merilyn Douglass, Leonard Hitz and Jeff Crist, presented a proposed job description based on the college’s last search in 2010.

The description was broad, Douglass said, calling for skills such as leadership, financial management and growing partnerships and communication. Candidates must have at least 10 years of relevant experience and a doctoral degree, she said.

Trustee Vice Chair Terri Worf, who presided over the meeting in Trustee Chair Steve Martinez’s absence, suggested allowing stakeholders, students and community members to submit feedback on the job description, but Douglass asked that, since the description was fairly standard, the board make a decision that night. The board unanimously approved the description.

In the past, the board solicited applications for approximately 90 days and took several more months to narrow down and interview candidates, Douglass said. The process would be slow, and she said she would like to get started in the next couple months.

Hitz argued for a longer “cooling off time” in the wake of several months of turmoil and controversy at the college. Starting the process would place an “umbrella of uncertainty” over the college, and he suggested waiting six months to start the search.

Taking into consideration that academic contracts are often signed in the summer, specifically around the turn of the fiscal year in July, Worf and Crist said if the board waited too long and did not secure a candidate by that point, the process may be extended for another year.

Trustee Blake Wasinger suggested making decisions on any preliminary logistical procedures and processes quickly, so they would be able to move forward quickly when the time came.

As part of the committee’s report, Douglass suggested seeking estimates for an internal search, and companies or organizations, including the Association of Community College Trustees, that may be able to help with an external search. She asked the college to present estimates to the board at an upcoming meeting.


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