Jeff Boyd will be the next CEO and general manager of the Garden City Co-op, Inc., the co-op announced Monday. He will step into the position in early 2019.

Boyd has worked at the co-op since 2002 and has worked in the agronomy operations and sales department, petroleum department, IT, business processes and, most recently, as chief financial officer, according to a press release from the co-op. He holds a bachelor's of science in agribusiness from Kansas State University and a master’s degree from Colorado State University.

Boyd said his past jobs gave him a good background for the work the co-op does, what was important to farmer members and the challenges the co-op and local farmers faced. He said he felt the co-op board selected him to continue the company’s existing strategy, which to him meant “staying the course but reacting to new opportunities that technology and innovation will provide for us within production agriculture.”

“The thing that we feel separates us is our people ... and our technology offerings (and) services that can go back to the farmers. That’s going to revolve around a lot of precision agriculture and allowing farmers to be more efficient, and to hopefully produce more through the technology offerings that are available to farmers today,” Boyd said.

Boyd will step into the shoes of longtime CEO and General Manager John McClelland, who will retire later this year.

“Jeff’s selection as our next CEO/general manager is a clear reflection on the caliber of talent that we see in our cooperative," said Tyler Hands, co-op board chairman. "It is also a testament to John McClelland’s exemplary leadership and commitment to cultivating employees for future opportunities. This strategy ensures we always have top talent that can meet the demands of our members for years to come."