The greatest existential national security threat is not aggression from foreign powers or immigration. It is the commander in chief's seriously impaired judgment.

The American government is headed by a president with no inkling of the requirements of his office. That Trump might ever be required to decide about a potentially catastrophic course of action is currently our most urgent threat.

President Trump's executive incompetence has rendered many of his orders untenable. At critical times there is no one around him capable of restraining his worst impulses; to wit leaking highly sensitive Israeli intelligence to Russian officials visiting the White House, groveling subservience to Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, and canceling joint U.S./South Korean military drills to appease Kim Jong Un, who gave up nothing in return.

Trump's unfitness for public trust is demonstrated by his wanton disregard for truth, morality and the rule of law, inability to hold the nation's interests above his own, and assertions of unlimited presidential powers. He has threatened to imprison political opponents, incited violence and abuse, issued foul-mouthed putdowns and false allegations, demonized our free press, insulted longtime allies, and praised tyrants, racists and anti-Semites.

No one could be more unsuited for the presidency than Donald Trump. He is an unmitigated disaster careening this nation toward unparalleled catastrophe. His self-defensive feud with the justice and intelligence communities has damaged the effectiveness of those on the front line of law and order and national security.

As Trump's chaotic administration faces increasing opposition, he's become even more distracted and irrational. While our nuclear arsenal is in the hands of this beleaguered paranoiac who routinely lashes out at anyone for any reason, no one is safe.

Janean Lanier