A sweeping power outage hit Garden City businesses and residences east of Fleming Street Friday morning, when a piece of debris flew into a substation off East U.S. Highway 50.

The debris, which appeared to be a large piece of string, flew into Substation No. 9, located near the 2800 block of East U.S. 50, a little after 7 a.m., causing a breaker to open, said Cliff Sonnenberg, Garden City electric department superintendent. The opening shut down four substations throughout the city, including ones by Harding Avenue, Garden City Community College and the wastewater treatment facility, he said.

The outage reached through the northern and southern ends of town east of Fleming Street, including GCCC, Walmart and Target, Sonnenberg said.

Garden City electric department crews arrived on scene to address the issue at approximately 7:15 a.m., removing the debris and energizing the open line, he said. Sonnenberg said all areas regained power by about 7:45 a.m.