(TNS) — Contrasting her low-key campaigning style with opponent Kris Kobach and President Trump, Democratic governor nominee Laura Kelly told her supporters Saturday she's not "the flashiest candidate out there."

"I don't yell and scream," said Kelly, a state senator from Topeka. "I don't pound the podiums. I don't call people childish names and I don't tweet crazy incoherent things. I'm much more interested in getting things done, actually making a difference in people's lives."

Saturday's DemoFest at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Wichita was Kelly's first major address since securing the Democratic nomination in the primary election earlier this month.

Kelly scoffed at Kobach's frequent television appearances. He's a fairly regular guest on national cable talk shows, especially with the right-leaning Fox News network.

"He goes on television and he talks and he talks and he talks," Kelly said. "And I believe that he actually records all this because he loves to watch himself on cable TV.

"He probably watches it over and over again and he loves every bit of it. And I'm glad somebody does. I don't think any of us have enjoyed it."

Kelly slammed former Gov. Sam Brownback for his "experiment" of lower taxes and no taxes for certain types of businesses.

That approach drained the state budget and shortchanged Kansas schools, Kelly said.

She asked the friendly crowd to "join me in slamming the door shut tight and throw away the key on the Brownback years."

Kelly said Kobach would "double down" on that approach if he's elected governor.

"If you thought Brownback was bad, Kris Kobach is Brownback on steroids," she said.

That phrase has become a rallying cry among state Democrats and many of the audience shouted "steroids" with Kelly.