Lee Richardson Zoo recently welcomed a new addition, after the birth of a a baby female goral.

The young goral, born Aug. 16, is the first offspring for 4-year-old mother Ping and 6-year-old dad Kung Pao.

According to a press release from the zoo, staff had to tube-feed the 4.5-pound newborn twice during her first 24 hours to ensure proper nutrition. Based on regular weights and observations, staff are optimistic that mom and baby are doing fine now.

Goral are native to extreme southeastern Burma and western Thailand, and are known for their agility, according to the zoo. In the wild, they stay near cliffs, where their climbing ability helps them avoid predators.

The zoo's herd of goral, including mom and baby, is viewable in their Wild Asia habitat from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily.