HOLCOMB — The Holcomb City Council took action on two infrastructure improvement projects Wednesday, approving the advertisement for bids for a sidewalk improvement project on Jo Ella Drive and funding for a manhole repair project.

The Jo Ella Drive improvements will include sidewalk construction, including an ADA-approved ramp and curb and gutter, at the intersection of Henderson Street and Jo Ella Drive.

The council approved Holcomb City Engineer Joel Krosschell’s plan to open bids for the project by Aug. 30, giving prospective contractors approximately three weeks to review the project and send in bids. According to the project agreement, the contractor must complete the project before Nov. 30 or face payment deductions.

The council also approved a manhole rehabilitation project by Mayer Specialty Services, LLC of Goddard. The project would repair nine city manholes facing severe gas erosion, spraying them with Zebron, a 100 percent solids polyurethane coating that would be resistant to weather, abrasion, corrosion and erosion, according to materials Mayer Specialty Services gave the council. The nine manholes are part of one continuous line on the north end of the city, said City Administrator Robin Lujan

Some manholes may need additional concrete base work before the coating can be applied, potentially upping the cost of the project, Lujan said.

If every manhole needed extra base work, the project would cost $31,623.75, or $375 per vertical foot of eroded manhole area, Lujan said. She said Mayer Specialty Services’ Todd Mayer told her the number was a “worst-case scenario.” On top of the repair costs, the company would charge a $3,280 mobilization fee, which could be reduced if the city scheduled the project in conjunction with the vendor’s other nearby manhole projects.

The council approved Mayer Specialty Services’ bid for the project and agreed to coordinate with its schedule immediately to reduce mobilization costs. The council’s motion called for the project to not exceed $35,000.

The council also held a brief public hearing before approving its 2019 budget with a mill levy of 46.128, an increase from 2018’s 44.521 levy and a decrease from 2017’s 47.156. Under this mill levy, the owner of a $150,000 home would pay approximately $795.70 in property taxes.

In other business:

• The council approved the appointment of Paige King as a probationary member of the Holcomb Community Fire Department. She will earn $15 per call, meeting and training.

• Lujan told the council the city administration office soon would purchase an updated router system in light of a malfunctioning router switch that was causing constant internet and system errors. She did not have a firm price of the new equipment but said she would coordinate any further decisions with Mayor Brian Rupp. She said the system errors were purely equipment-based and not a result of malware or viruses.


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