On Friday, Garden City Community College rescinded a no trespass notice issued earlier this year to local resident Toni Douglass.

In early May, GCCC Police Chief Rodney Dozier served Douglass, a former GCCC host parent, a no trespass notice that barred her from campus and campus events, due to her alleged misconduct toward a college employee.

Several weeks earlier, Douglass had addressed the GCCC Board of Trustees about the college’s lack of response regarding students’ sexual harassment allegations against former GCCC cheer coach Brice Knapp. At the time, Douglass said she believed the notice was GCCC President Herbert Swender retaliating against her for her words.

GCCC Attorney Randy Grisell emailed Douglass’ attorney Jean Lamfers on Friday, saying the notice was rescinded effective that day. Lamfers forwarded Grisell's email to The Telegram.

Douglass said she felt the action was “a step in the right direction” and hoped others at the college, including the Board of Trustees, also would “start making good decisions.”

“I’m thrilled because that means I can get right back in and be a host parent again,” she said.

Grisell declined to comment.