The Southwest Kansas area received yet another healthy dosage of moisture over the weekend, which resulted in the area seeing measurable amounts of precipitation.

According to Marc Russell, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Dodge City, southwest Kansas saw a mix of rainfall totals, ranging from less than a half inch to more than three inches.

Collectively, there was 3.42 inches of rain in Finney County late Friday through Sunday morning, Russell said.

Of that, 2.83 inches came from early Friday night and overnight into Saturday.

“We’re looking at close to four inches of rain (this) month, which most has fallen in the last week, so that’s pretty good,” Russell said of rainfall in southwest Kansas.

Northern Kearny County, southern Finney County, and central Gray county saw the highest amounts of rain over the weekend, receiving two to three inches, Russell said.

The Scott County are received about 1.69 inches of rain, while the Syracuse area in Hamilton County saw nearly three inches. The Grant County/Ulysses area had 1.66 inches.

Sunday night brought thunderstorms and high wind gusts. According to the NWS, wind gusts ranged from 50 mph to as high as 75 mph in some areas, while most counties averaged 60 mph.

The Garden City, Syracuse, Johnson, Ulysses and Sublette areas had reported 60 mph wind gusts while Pierceville had 66 mph and Cimarron had 68 mph, respectively.

The Lakin area had the highest with a reported 70 to 75 mph wind gusts.

Despite high wind gusts, there were no serious damage reports.

In Cimarron, there were reports of broken tree limbs and branches, along with a parked semi-trailer that was blown over and was found laying against a building, resulting from the Sunday’s weather. Montezuma and Copeland both saw a power outage for a period of time as well.

“Sometimes, a lot of damage goes unreported,” he said.

Russell said rain isn’t expected in the forecast until potentially sometime next week, and temperatures for the remainder of the week, according to the NWS, will move upward to 100-degrees by mid-week. Wind gust are expected to increase mid-week as well.