A Garden City man convicted in December 2017 of voluntary manslaughter is appealing his prison sentence.

Judge Ricklin Pierce on April 30 sentenced Alberto Tello, 23, to 19 years in prison for fatally stabbing 23-year-old Carlos Romero on July 2, 2017, according to court documents.

According to testimony and police reports, Tello was at a party at Romero’s residence on Thompson Street in the early morning hours of July 2 and was harassing a female friend of Romero’s, so Romero asked Tello to leave.

Romero followed Tello outside as Tello went to his vehicle, where he retrieved a knife and returned to confront Romero at the curb. The two men exchanged words, Romero swung at Tello, and Tello swung at Romero with the knife, striking him in the neck.

Garden City police said in July that after being stabbed, Romero went back inside his residence and told others at the party to call 911, and Tello fled the premises on foot before officers arrived.

Police found Romero wounded and lying in his living room. Finney County EMS transported him to St. Catherine Hospital, where he died.

Police found Tello at his residence, hiding in a bedroom, and arrested him without incident.

Voluntary manslaughter is a level three person felony and Tello was given a maximum sentence.