After reading “Cat-astrophe” in the Western Front section of the May 10 paper, I felt the need to chime in about cats and animal control. I greatly appreciate the work the officers do! On several occasions, they have helped my neighborhood with loose/stray dogs.

A few years ago, a very ill kitten came into my yard. I believe it had distemper, but of course, we don’t know for sure. I called animal control only to be told that if I caught the animal, they would take it. I had a small animal cage on hand but my only other “animal catching tools” were a pair of leather gloves and a litter pick-up tool. Being the animal lover that I am, I was determined to catch this kitten.

I had it cornered in a shrub bed where I was able to carefully pin it down with the litter tool and then attempt to grab it behind the head to place it in the animal cage.

What would have been a simple catch with an animal catch pole used by animal control employees turned into a fear of taking the rabies shot series. The cat bit me through my leather gloves and then later died at Animal Control.

At a cost to the city of Hutch, the kitten’s head had to be sent off to be tested for rabies while I waited out the results. I also had to go to my doctor to receive a shot and medication after being bitten, which wasn’t cheap.

Now, most people would probably tell me “that’s what I get” for playing animal control officer.

Would I do it again? Yes, our neighborhood is full of young children not to mention family pets. I also can’t allow an animal to suffer just because it’s wild or a stray.

The city needs to reconsider its policy on cats within the city limits of Hutchinson and expand the duties of animal control to cover cats.


Cynthia Dierks