It looks like a second record-setting weekend in a row.

The Salina area could set a new record for low temperatures Saturday. The record for April 14 is 27, set in 1993; the area forecast calls for a low of 24, according to state climatologist Mary Knapp.

The record low for April 7 had been 17, set in 2009. Last Saturday the temperature in Salina plunged to 15 degrees.

And, if the area gets 0.3 inch of snow — there's a 40 percent chance — that will set another new record.

If April is the cruelest month, as T.S. Eliot said, it might be because of the wild swings in temperature.

“April does have these really big extremes,” Knapp said.

The highs Wednesday and Thursday were in the mid 80s, not far off the record highs of 89 and 91, respectively.

Until Wednesday, this was the coldest start to the month since records have been kept in 1949, with an average temperature of 42.7. Normal is 52.2 degrees, Knapp said.

Today will start with a low of 66, Knapp said, then temperatures will rise to 77 by mid-afternoon before they start to fall to 32 tonight, then to 24 Saturday. Saturday the high will be 40.

Sunday should be sunny but not much better, Knapp said, with a high of 48 and a low 23, which could set another new low record.

Anyone planning to garden this weekend might be limited to damage control.

Jason Graves, the horticulturist Extension agent for the Central Kansas District, said most plants have the ability to regrow out of frost damage.

Gardeners might cover vulnerable plants, especially if they’re on the south and west sides of buildings, where they’re apt to be further along in growth, he said.

Even if plants get tip burn, they should be OK as long as they’ve received proper water and care and are healthy, Graves said.

Fruit trees are at risk, depending on what stage of bloom they’re in. Graves said the more open the bud, the greater the damage.

He expects most plants to come back but be delayed.

“It disappoints us because we miss the spring flower show,” Graves said.

The Salina area is getting off easy this weekend. Blizzards are expected out west, with 3 to 5 inches of snow projected in Goodland, Colby and Hill City. Worse will be the 80 mile per hour winds, Knapp said.

The corridors of Interstate Highways 70 in Kansas and 80 in Nebraska will be hit hard, she said.