I am happy to report I heard from the woman who sent the email last week  that began “Hi Mary Lou." She contacted me to say she needed to be careful when sending emails from her phone because she had sent the message to the wrong person. The good news is she did want to reach KWBW.

The same thing happened to my friend Amy Bickel one time. She thought she was texting her husband, but she got the wrong man.

Q: On average how many Hutchinson Correctional Facility inmate deaths occur every year while they are doing time? So, if they died in a hospital in the free-world, this death would still count.

Thanks for your question, which you said was spurred by last weeks question regarding what was happening at the prison graveyard. I contacted Samir Arif, chief of staff, at the Kansas Department of Corrections.Without a specific time frame for the question, he chose the past 10 years to provide his response.

“There were 38 deaths at Hutchinson Correctional Facility so that would be an average 3.8 per year.This includes any inmate assigned to HCF whether the death occurs in a hospital, on work release or work crew, or inside the facility.

Q: The light on the Blue Dragon sign at the south end of Gowns Stadium has been out for the last couple of years, and maybe others on the East side. I would think someone in maintenance would have noticed that by now, and had them fixed.

Please know the maintenance department is aware the light is out.

" Thank you to your sharp-eyed reader,” said Carter File, HCC president. “We are in the process of restoring power to the sign.”

Q: Why isn’t there an ATM in the sports arena? Could they get one?

This question comes just in time for the NJCAA tournament when people might want some quick cash for popcorn while watching some amazing basketball. Carter File explained the arena is technically a city-owned facility so locating an ATM in the arena would have to be in cooperation with the city.

“With that said, a financial institution would have to want to locate one in the arena, and to the best of my knowledge, no such institution has approached either the city or the college. If they did so, I would certainly support locating an ATM in the Arena if it proved possible," File said.

At the same time Justin Combs, director of parks and facilities, said he doesn’t recall discussing a specific location for an ATM.

“However, the building has ample internet connectivity and power outlets to handle one,” Combs said. “ This is not a service that city can provide so we would need to partner with a financial institution.

“I cannot speak to the viability of locating an ATM at the Arena and so far I have not been approached by a financial institution to install one. I am supportive of having an ATM on site if we had a partner willing to furnish one.”

Q: What happens with the stuff I occasionally return to Walmart? Do they put it back on the shelf to sell, throw it out as “contaminated” and unusable, or does something else happen with it? I always return items in unopened, unused, like-new condition, thinking that I am being a good steward and reducing waste, at least in my house. Is this the case, or am I contributing to more waste at the returns counter? What about sealed canned goods, if not used. To waste or not to waste, that is the question.

I went to the service department at Walmart and was greeted by a very friendly employee who would not give her name.

A bag of apples and child's book, both returned items, were sitting on the counter. The apples would be tossed, while the book would go back on the shelf.

She said it depends on what item you are returning if theyare put back on the shelf. And what condition is the item in. If you purchased something that was damaged, it’s sent back to the manufacturer.

All food is destroyed - canned, prepackaged or fresh food- none of it goes back on the shelf. Medications get sent back to the manufacturer.

If it’s clothing you just decided you didn’t like or didn’t fit, it goes back on the rack, unless you're returning something damaged. Then it is sent back to the manufacturer. Underwear, or anything that touches the body, is thrown away.

To waste or not to waste you ask? I say waste not, want not.