It’s something Finney County Humane Society officials have never seen before, and even something Old McDonald would scratch his head at.

A near 2-year old Great Pyrenees/lab mix dog and an adult ram, who the humane society are currently housing, are nearly attached at the hip and will never leave each other’s sight.

The odd couple is a first for the humane society, so the organization is looking for the pair’s owners or for the appropriate person to adopt both of them.

According to Nikki Spanier, executive director of the FCHS, the two were picked up in Pierceville by the Finney County Sheriff’s Office on March 3 after they were reported to be roaming the streets of the small Finney County community.

“A lady found them and went around asking all the neighbors (if they knew who they belonged to),” Spanier said Thursday. “Nobody knew whose they were, and nobody had ever seen them.”

Spanier said that the two are very connected.

“When they first came in, they cried for each other when they were separated… The ram would prefer to be with the dog… It’s a different type of bond, but you can tell they need each other.” she said. “… Being outside, it’s like he’s (the dog) working, telling the ram where to go and where not to go.”

As of Friday, nobody has contacted the shelter about missing the animals.

Spanier said occasionally the humane society will take in dogs and/or cats that have been together for their whole lives — which they call “bonded pairs” — that will need to be adopted out together, but has never seen anything like a large dog and a ram being best friends.

“It’s not common,” Spanier said of the bond the dog and the ram have. “But the shelter is an open intake, so it has to take anything (any animal) that is in Finney County… I know the shelter has had horses, chickens, roosters and pigs, but no sheep or goats.”

Monica Koehn, a shelter attendant, said it’s been an experience taking care of the pair.

“It’s not every day that you get to see these kind of animals (rams) at your shelter,” she said, noting that she has seen other farm animals of different species bond, but nothing like the dog and the ram. “This is a special and unique bond. They’ve probably been traveling together, and they probably got some neat stories to tell.”

Spanier said if anyone is interested in adopting the two, they would have to be adopted together and must live on a farm, since the ram cannot live in city limits due to city ordinance.

Those interested in adopting the pair can call the humane society at (620) 277-3725 or visit it at 124 Fleming St.


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