Editor’s note: The News will carry posts this week from Haven High School senior Jaron Caffrey, who is participating in the United States Senate Youth Program.

Thursday was a another phenomenal day in the United States Senate Youth Program.

The day began with Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin speaking about his very interesting job where he has close proximity to the President, and is crucial in shaping the fiscal policy of our nation. Mnuchin explained his previous experience in the private sector, and answered several questions about economic policy.

For lunch we traveled to the Senate and listened to a “Democratic Perspective” from Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar. This was the first time I have listened to her speak, and I was very surprised with her authenticity and honesty. She encouraged us to not be afraid of standing alongside members of the opposite side of the aisle in an effort of bipartisanship.

Finally, the peak of our trip came with visiting the White House and meeting President Trump. This was my first trip to the People’s House, and there were several layers of security to verify who you are, and to check your body for metal and even dangerous chemicals. We toured the East Wing and made our way to the East Room where President Trump and Vice President Pence shook our hands and took a picture with our entire group. First Lady Melania Trump also made a surprise appearance, which was the first time a First Lady has attended this event in the 56 years of this program.

As the President began to exit the room, he informed us that there would “be some good news about North Korea” that night, and said that he thought we will like it. And sure enough, just around an hour after we left the White House, the announcement was made about a meeting between Kim Jong-Un and President Trump.

Today was a very clear example of how this program makes history, and why it is such a valuable week of events. Not many people have the opportunity to visit the White House and meet the President, so to be one of those people is extremely humbling.