Gary Newman will be resigning from his post as mayor of Holcomb in February.

Newman took to Facebook Tuesday night to announce his departure on the Holcomb News and Info page. He said he has accepted an employment opportunity in Eastern Kansas that would require relocation and negate his ability to serve as Holcomb’s mayor. He also holds a position on the Finney County Economic Development Corp’s board of directors, which he will have to forfeit.

“Today, it is with heartfelt emotions that I submit my letter of resignation to the citizens of Holcomb for my term as mayor, effective at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, February 14, 2018,” Newman wrote. “This relocation will also require me to resign my seat as board member of Finney County Economic Development Corporation, an incredible organization that is establishing opportunity after opportunity for the residents and businesses of Finney County unlike any other economic development group in the state.”

Newman has served as mayor of Holcomb for nearly seven years, and as a council member for four years before that. He described his service on the Holcomb City Council for the past decade as his “highest honor.”

"I have worked to prioritize and move our city forward on both a local, and state level, while building long-lasting relationships with outside government offices, schools and businesses," Newman wrote. "The support the community has given not only to me and my family, but our entire city, has been unwavering and for that I am forever grateful."

In his announcement, Newman wrote that his family would remain in Holcomb though the end of the school year, which will allow his son, Cameron, to graduate with the Holcomb High School Class of 2018.

Upon his resignation on Feb. 14, Newman said, Holcomb City Council President Brian Rupp will replace him for the remainder of the term. At that point, Newman said, Rupp will appoint someone to fill his seat for the remainder of his term with the council’s approval.

Rupp could not be reached for comment as of press time, and Newman said after he made his announcement on Facebook that he had not had time to notify him.

"I hope each council member remembers that it is our sworn duty to serve you and to represent your interests and the best interests of the public," Newman wrote. "It is my hope that those efforts prosper, and when our new mayor is sworn in that he can successfully lead Holcomb to the future that we want, for which we have been laying the groundwork for over the years."

FCEDC Board Chairman Tom Walker said he had not heard anything about Newman’s resignation when contacted for comment. Newman served on the FCEDC board as the Holcomb liaison, and another member of the council or an at-large Holcomb representative will have to fill his position.

“I really don’t know what’s going to happen,” Walker said.

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