Recently, I ran into a friend who said he hadn’t seen a column for quite some time and hoped to be reading another soon. However, sooner has now turned into much later. With apologies, here are some thoughts on a few of the events which have been traveling our way at warp speed, especially of late:

The Coronavirus has to be first on the list, none more serious in our lifetime.

During our 63+ years of married life, we’ve been taking things as they’ve come along. These past three year a variety of personal health problems have jumped on our band wagon. They haven’t improved our lives nor been fun! Frustrating road blocks would be an apt description as they hamper our efforts to get our “bucket list items.”

You believe the “gut feelings”  and/or ignorant, non-fact based assertions of people with no medical expertise, is extremely damaging to efforts to curb this pandemic. Folks who do that must reassess their methods of obtaining and processing information about this and other vital issues. Their health, well-being, even the life of other persons, will be dependent on getting accurate information in and for the future!

From information available from numerous sources I consider to be reliable, it appears the Trump folks did not understand what was happening and are still way behind the curve, especially when continuing to suggest all would be over by Easter and things will be great. These statements mislead many of his followers and prompt non-compliance by many, putting thousands more citizens at risk. Governing via wishful thinking isn’t governance at all! It is a breach of the President’s sworn promise to uphold our constitution and administer the executive branch of our government.

I am not a space travel fan and am opposed to the Space Mission to Mars and its $350 Billion price tag NASA is eating up each minute. Wouldn’t helping other scientists find a vaccine, as well as curing the common cold and all types of Cancer be a much smarter way to use our money. So why not put the Mars project on hold for five years and set all of NASA-from engineers to janitors, to work on those three problems. Though they

haven’t done med school, they all are highly educated folks who could apply their brilliance to things that would make a real difference for the whole world!

It is vitally important that we all understand that our country is not a collection of Red and Blue states: those two colors produce purple, and make up the whole of our great nation! But during this fight, all 330 million inhabitants need to learn and follow the Golden Rule. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” .

Duane West is a former Garden City mayor and city commissioner