Government fails to handle money

The federal government continues to be completely out of touch with the people they were sent to D.C. to serve. They haven't addressed the shortfalls in Social Security or Medicare. In fact, they want to rob money from Medicare to fund another program doomed to fail a health care reform bill that misses the mark for most Americans.

When I've called aides of congressmen in D.C., I've sometimes gotten very disappointing responses. When I asked what people my age were supposed to do if there is no Social Security money, the aide I talked to commented that my question was rhetoric, right? When I spoke to one aide and compared Social Security to a Ponzi scheme, he laughed. Don't they care about us at all?

The government punished Bernie Madoff for a Ponzi scheme where the people paid in voluntarily. It appears that people who have paid for Social Security and Medicare are on the tail end of a Ponzi scheme and they were forced to pay in. Which entity committed the greatest crime?

The government does many wonderful things and has some hard-working, honest people in it, but many do an abysmal job of handling money. It's like we are forced into paying into the lottery and they pick the winners. Lately the winners have included people who could afford to buy new cars, new houses, new furnaces, new windows, etc. They get subsidies others get left out. Personally, I'd like to try capitalism, where people work hard, earn money and spend it the way they need and want.

The government sent us very threatening mail when they wrongly thought we owed less than $50. When we were on the receiving end of government money, we worked for another general contractor who wasn't paying his bills. I called the government official in charge and in spite of the info, they gave the general contractor a large check and didn't ask him for lien releases. We never were paid in full. The IRS is there to get every penny. A similar organization should be present to check out every disbursement. Checking on all the money going into the government doesn't seem like too big a job for the IRS, so it seems like an organization should be able to monitor the payouts, too. If the government can end the corruption in Medicare as they have said recently, why haven't they done it?

I'm a mother and I don't want my kids or me paying into Social Security and Medicare anymore if we will get nothing. I've called my congressmen and relayed that message and I hope you will, too. I think it's a great mystery to many how we've ended up with so many clueless politicians in D.C.


Garden City