Many questions left to answer

Regarding the presidential campaign:

During the big Oct. 3, 2012, presidential debate, Romney said, "We are all God's children." I am hearing many people of faith declaring Obama to not be worthy of praise because, "he is a Muslim." (This is hearsay to me).

I find these remarks to be in conflict and very confusing. However, I do see President Obama as what he presents himself to be as our USA president. Many people appear to let derogatory messages become their belief because their perspectives are clouded by refusing to see and hear the entire plan that is intended to be implemented. Very often segments are isolated and used out of context. This adds to confusion. These complex plans are implemented with an expected positive outcome and impact to our total existence that is dependent on government decisions, policy and procedure. My understanding is that more than one person decides these plans of action.

For those Americans with an open mind and honest values it must be obvious that any one man, of any race, religion or political party, would have been challenged to move this country, the USA, out of the depressed and economically challenged state of being that it was in when Obama became president.

In all fairness, it appears to me that what resulted from many years would require many years to restabilize.

Can anyone, honestly, say one man in one term as president of our USA, has been totally responsible for our country's disarray and irresponsible conduct of many of its worthy citizens.

I say, "not" ... we citizens have a responsibility to do our best to be patriotic citizens. We have an obligation to act upon what we believe. Actions do speak louder than words. I feel that many of us need to wake up, pay attention and accept our personal responsibility to be self-accountable. We must learn to be patriotic by accepting positive leadership roles ... our actions need to replace words.

I do have many concerns and many considerations that need to be clarified. There appear to be many unanswered and avoided issues in this 2012 presidential campaign. It is a challenge ... may the best leader win.

I am retired from more than 50 years of gainful employment and I am a 45-year member of the American Legion Auxiliary.

My views and opinions are inspired (not endorsed) by the worthwhile mission of the American Legion Auxiliary.


Canon City, Colo.

Herrell is a former Garden City resident.

Domestic violence affects everyone

It could be your mother, aunt, grandmother or little sister. It could even be your neighbor or co-worker. It is even possible it could be a man in your family. You think it doesn't affect you, but it does. It affects everyone whether they realize it or not.

Domestic violence isn't a personal issue it's a community issue. It's a community issue because communities also pay the price for violence. It is estimated that one in four women, and one in eight men, will experience domestic violence in their lifetime. Without intervention and education, victims are more likely to form future relationships with other batterers. Of children exposed to domestic violence, 50 percent are more likely to use violence against their partners later in life.

It becomes a cycle, being repeated generation after generation. And it doesn't just happen in the home, it happens in the workplace as well. No one can really be sure when they go to work or out to run errands that they won't be a fatality of someone's irate partner. You think it won't happen, but so did others when they went to a salon for a haircut, or the post office to mail a letter, or the courthouse to take care of a legal matter. But what should really speak to individuals is the economic impact. The cost of keeping communities safe through law enforcement, prosecutors, court personnel and parole officers; the cost of counseling victims and rehabilitating perpetrators; the cost of providing for women and children who can't provide for themselves as a result of domestic violence. No, it doesn't affect you at all. It only affects all of us.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. To help, educate, advocate and donate. For more information, call Family Crisis Services at 275-5911.


Garden City

Shelden is executive director of Family Crisis Services Inc.

Welcome run by Sherwood

Analogies of our national pastime and "mulligans" in golf aside, I'm concerned about the county attorney's position. The use of a "write-in" campaign is not new. In fact, every primary and general election I've voted in since 1960 have had a blank space for a "write-in" candidate.

Brian Sherwood brings nearly 22 years experience as a prosecutor for Finney County. This experience includes more than 45 jury trials with 80 percent conviction success. Some of the cases have been first-degree murder, rape, gang violence, etc. His business administration experience gives him insight into such areas as budgetary matters. In these tight budget times he has said he would continue to prosecute cases when his department would have fewer lawyers. Last but not least, he has a rapport with law enforcement.

Brian Sherwood, write-in, right on.


Garden City