Finney County Extension agents

Finney County 4-H will hold its fourth annual Honor Flight fundraiser Saturday at the Finney County Fairground Exhibition Building. The chili meal will be from 11 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Also included for the day's activities will be the Garden City High School Honor Guard, Drum Corps and Show Choir. Also scheduled will be the "Too Many Strings" band performing. Activities also will be available for the kids.

The Kansas Honor Flight organization has scheduled six flights for veterans this year.

The Kansas Honor Flight is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization, created solely to thank and honor America's veterans for their sacrifices.

All funds raised are used to transport America's veterans to Washington, D.C., to visit those memorials dedicated to honor their service and sacrifice.

Top priority is given to America's most senior heroes — survivors of World War II and any veteran with a life-limiting illness. Veterans fly free and are able to visit Arlington Cemetery, the World War II memorial and other important memorials with fellow veterans.

The Honor Flight fundraiser is the 4-H way of paying a small tribute to those who have given so much to our country. The 4-H Clubs of Finney County wish to thank all who contribute and donated through the years since starting the Honor Flight fundraiser.

For 4-H inquiries and questions, call Barbara Addison at 272-3670 or email

Walk Kansas

Grab your walking shoes — Walk Kansas begins March 16. Once again, this Kansas State University Research and Extension health initiative will challenge teams of six people to log regular physical activity equivalent to walking at least 423 miles, the distance across the state of Kansas.

Co-workers, family members, friends and neighbors form teams of six people. Each team identifies a goal, or challenge, it wants to reach.

Three challenges are offered. Challenge One is the distance across the state and would require each member to reach the minimum guidelines for physical activity, 150 minutes per week. To reach Challenge Two, the team must go across and back, or five hours per week for each participant. Challenge Three takes the team 1,200 miles around the perimeter of the state, a six-hour-per-week goal for each person.

New in 2014 are videos to show each "move of the week" on There also is a Walk Kansas photo challenge. Photos can be submitted anytime between now and May 1. Information is posted on the Walk Kansas website.

Team progress will be posted at each week. Check the website map on a regular basis to find points of interest and Kansas history information at each milestone on your journey.

Walk Kansas continues for eight weeks, March 16 through May 10. Information about this program is available from the Finney County Extension Office, 501 S. Ninth St.

Registration packets include program guidelines, forms to sign and return, a daily log and more. T-shirts also can be purchased.

Gather your team, decide which challenge to work toward and submit your registration materials before the deadline. Team captain registration packets can be picked up starting Monday (one packet per team).

Simple habits to stay healthy

Have you ever felt that you would like to be one of those people who never catch a cold or flu, even though there are many, many germs in the environment in which they are around? Here are some healthy habits that you can try to have in your routine to stay healthy throughout the year:

* Have positive thoughts, it produces more flu antibodies. Even if you can't always think positive, at least learn to be less negative. In other words, when you get sick, don't dwell on your symptoms because negativity can slow the healing process.

* A massage helps to reduce anxiety, blood pressure and heart rate. It also decreases the number of stress hormones in the bloodstream, and increases the activity level and number of the body's natural killer cells that fight against infections.

* Eat more garlic. It's rich in immunity-boosting antioxidants and inflammation-fighters. Eating garlic boosts defenses against everyday illness, improves heart health and may even help prevent cancer. If you'd like to avoid garlic breath, experts recommend aged-garlic extract. It's odor-free and contains more of the potent compounds that make garlic a super food.

* Ginger tea helps speed up digestion, soothes upset stomachs and stimulates the immune system to fight off infection. Try to cook with fresh or chopped fresh ginger in hot water for 10 minutes to make tea.

Any questions or concerns, call LĂ©hisa de Fornoza at 272-3670 or email

Crop management school

Crop producers make many essential decisions every year in managing their operations. To assist with those decisions, K-State Research and Extension is offering an in-depth Crop Management School from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Feb. 27 at the Grandstand Meeting Room on the Finney County Fairgrounds. Finney County Extension is hosting the meeting with the cooperation of the following sponsors: Garden City Co-op, Pioneer Seeds/David Brakey, Crop Production Services and Teeter Irrigation.

K-State specialists will address these important topics: 1) Controlling Herbicide Resistant Weeds, 2) Fungicide Decisions for Wheat, 3) Irrigation Management, 4) Cropping Systems and Soil and Water Concerns, 5) Alfalfa, Triticale, Teff Production and Management. Certified Crop Advisor Credits are offered for those attending.

The school also will feature a session titled "Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAV) for Agriculture 101." UAVs or drones are the hot topic in precision agriculture now, and Kansas universities and businesses are leading the way. This session will help those looking to add a UAV to their tool shed by outlining the basics of the technology. The discussion will focus on what can be done with products and services available now to get actionable crop intelligence from a flight. Weather permitting, a demonstration flight of the AgEagle Robotic Aircraft developed in Kansas will be held at the Andy Larson Jr. farm.

Everyone with an interest in crop management is encouraged to attend. Thanks to the sponsors, there is no cost to attend the meeting. Pre-register by calling the Finney County Extension Office at 272-3670 by Feb. 20 to ensure a meal.

K-State Research and Extension is committed to making its services, activities and programs accessible to all participants. If you have special requirements due to a physical, vision or hearing disability, call David Coltrain at 272-3670.

If you have any questions about the Crop Management School or any other concerns, call Coltrain or email