The latest cap and tax proposal introduced by my Senate colleagues

from Massachusetts and California might sound pretty good on the

coasts, but to those of us that live and work in Kansas and across the

Midwest, this bill raises the price of gasoline, diesel, fertilizer,

natural gas and coal.

If this bill were to pass, Kansans, and all Americans, including

those in big cities that depend on the food and fiber we grow, are

likely to see an increase in our utility bills, transportation costs

and basic consumer goods in exchange for little to no reduction in

carbon emissions. It is not in the best interests of the United States

to undertake mandatory carbon reductions until developing countries

like China, India and Brazil agree to the same. As a member of the

Senate Agriculture and Senate Finance Committees, I will continue to

fight against such proposals that limit our ability to compete in a

global marketplace, ration domestic energy and result in greater

government bureaucracy.


Washington, D.C.