I just want to share some thoughts on the alcohol and drug abuse and misuse in our area.

Are you, an addicted individual in this community, in denial of a chemical or process addiction?

To me, an addiction is the overindulgence of a substance or a behavior, to a point that it inflicts mental and/or physical discomfort (pain) to self and/or others. Addiction, to me, appears to be a time during which we are masking our true being a time when we are severed from our true selves, a time that our innermost needs are being ignored (or masked).

I feel it is safe to say we are all victims of addiction in today's society. By the way, a cycle exists as we understand that our families create society and that society influences our families. I have a desire to share a few social concepts that I feel affect us as a community of individuals and/or families. I feel that these are fuel to our addictions.

The amendments to the original Constitution which loosened and/or eliminated our moral values (honor, trust, faith, grace and choices to promote good for all mankind).

What would happen if we took the negative out of the news media? (We could dwell on daily positives.)

What if the advertising media promoted treatment and prevention as glamorously as it promotes the behaviors, attitudes and substances that fuel addictions what if television and movies supported honor and good?

The overindulgence of food, drink, chemicals (alcohol and/or other drugs), sex, spending money (credit card addiction), work, over-controlling, irresponsibility and simply caring, perpetuates addiction for us as individuals and/or families.

Total involvement of all of us is needed to break the cycle of addiction and repair our faulty belief system. We must work to put mutual respect back into this community this begins with our own self-respect and acceptance of our good.

I believe that the remedy for our addictions is a cycle of treatment facilities, prevention agencies, education and awareness, plus total community involvement in the fight against all of our addictions.

Abstinence is the way we can reduce teen pregnancies and the drug-related crime and domestic violence. To say no to alcohol, drugs and unsafe or irresponsible sex acts is abstinence in action.


Garden City